How Saying No To Being A Yes Man Will Make You Happier

Are you a Yes Man/Woman? Do you say yes to everything despite that little voice inside your head that tells you? NO, I really don’t want too. Welcome to the world where ‘No’ gives you more than saying ‘Yes’. The … Read More

Grow By Surrounding Yourself With 5 Key Influencers

Your 5 Key Influencers Our personal and professional network is considered our extended circle of influence and within that circle of influence are your 5 Key Influencers. While many people think that their 5 Key Influencers are the 5 people … Read More

The Power Of Music And How To Use It

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Imperfection And Shattering Disempowerment

Getting on with perfect imperfection. We all want to achieve our goals. Create something worth sharing. We also want to look good whilst doing so. Appearance is important yes? What if appearance is holding you back? We all seem to … Read More

Embracing Your True Beauty. What This Means For You.

Beauty is a matter of opinion not fact! BEAUTY NOUN • [mass noun] A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. The definition above has been taken straight from the … Read More

Why It’s Important to Give Yourself Kudos On Down Days

Are you a Hustler? Go getter out there making that money? Putting in the work to get the reward you deserve? Kudos to you! Do you also crash? Go from two weeks of empowerment to a few days where you … Read More


Negative Feedback and How to Deal With It

One of the best things that I have learnt over the past 6 years is that every minute that I spend focusing on something negative, is 60 seconds I that I could have used in a positive way. This is time I will never get back. … Read More

Are You Giving Yourself Permission To Be Awesome?

I write this as a reminder to myself to be Awesome, as I am on the journey as much as anyone else. Yesterday I had a low day. I get them now and then. I am human. They are becoming … Read More

Growth, Expansion & The Idea That Starts It All

Growth and expansion are inevitable. It’s is what we do as human beings. Whether you call it progress or evolution we all do it. We all believe it one way or another. Beliefs that we are here to learn lessons … Read More

Talking To Yourself Doesn’t Make You Crazy, Does It?

“Look at that guy over there he’s talking to himself.” –CARL BARRON Talking out loud to ourselves on a consistent basis is no doubt going to attract some attentions. Lucky we have the option to keep our most honest conversations … Read More