Your 5 Key Influencers Our personal and professional network is considered our extended circle of influence and within that circle of influence are your 5 Key Influencers.

While many people think that their 5 Key Influencers are the 5 people they spend the most time with in truth its far more than that. You may only see your own 5 Key Influencers on certain occasions but it is the regular profound impact that they have on you that makes them stand out.

This impact can be positive or it can be negative. You can identify your current 5 Key Influences easily. They are the people that you go out of your way to meet with. When you meet them you feel either uplifted by their presence and what they bring to the interaction or you feel energetically depleted being in their presence. You are the average of these people.

If you know this already and have spent the last few years carefully building a select team of amazing people around you then well played, well played indeed. If you haven’t yet been building a top class team of influencers around you over the past few years its time to start thinking about who is impacting you and how they are impacting you.

Check in with where you are headed in your VOG and ask yourself if these people are contributing to or taking away from this vision. One thing I am not saying here is to end friendships and stop feeding energy and time into parts of your network. What I am saying is it’s important to surround yourself with people who feed your energy. There are thousands of them floating around out there waiting for you to pull them into your orbit. Go get your solar system on.

Article By Runn Wild.

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