Are you a Yes Man/Woman? Do you say yes to everything despite that little voice inside your head that tells you? NO, I really don’t want too.

Welcome to the world where ‘No’ gives you more than saying ‘Yes’.

The Concept, that the way people treat you is because you taught them how. Is a hard thought to grasp. Whether it’s the overbearing friend or the partner that expects the world from you. 9 times out of 10 you have taught them to treat you like this.

You teach other people how to treat you via what you allow. By always saying yes or making things you disagree with ok out of fear of conflict. You disempower yourself.

Example. Do you feel like you are always trying and giving to other people? Do you wonder why they don’t reciprocate the same effort? If so. Have you ever caught yourself saying “Don’t worry about it”, when they have let you down?

By saying No, Your allowing space for yourself. No. I am upset that you didn’t put in the effort. You will find that most times people aren’t walking all over you. They are just unaware of how you feel. And by saying no you are setting the pretences of your standards.

Do you also say yes to doing everything on the thought that it is going to open up lots of opportunity for you? Do you also find you feel overwhelmed and confused by all the options?

By opening our attention to be all over the place. Our focus grows wide and not deep. After getting a goal and saying no to things that are not in alinement with it. It allows us more attention to dive into the depths of what we are trying to achieve.

Saying no gives us the ability to respect ourself as we should. Don’t say yes just because everyone else is doing it. Look inwards and ask yourself is this what you really want. What you really need and readjust your course accordingly.

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