Using Nature To Recalibrate Your Brain.

Nature Can recalibrate your brain. The hustle and bustle of the city are no strangers to most of us. Living in a fast-paced society. The skyscrapers block out the blue of the sky. The bland grey concrete replacing the vibrant … Read More

How To Meet Someone This Festive Season.

Being that festive season I write this to go out to all the ever hopeful people looking for someone to cuddle up with over the festive season. We all know since the introduction of Tinder and relationship models like Kanye … Read More

Maybe You Are The Problem. Shift Your Perspective.

Problems are perspective based. Just like good times. So a simple shift in mindset/Perspective can change bad mood to a good one. Alter the perspective and alter the out come. “When we have a problem that thought itself is generally … Read More

Speak It To Existence – Change Your Vocabulary

We don’t always check in on the vocabulary we use and how we speak. It comes so naturally to us. Moulded by social circles and shows we watch on tv. We are almost programmed unaware. One simple thing you can … Read More

How We Are A Reflection of The Stars.

The internal-external experience is my favourite tool in sustaining mindset and staying in an empowered state. The Example of how we correlate with the stars. The first stage is loosing blame. We all like to point the finger at other … Read More