We don’t always check in on the vocabulary we use and how we speak. It comes so naturally to us. Moulded by social circles and shows we watch on tv. We are almost programmed unaware.

One simple thing you can do to make a dramatic change in your life is, change your vocabulary.

When you become aware of the words that you use and how you describe your existence. You can become aware of the limiting language you use that holds you back. Then you can change it.

There are a few dangerous and disabling words in the English language. If you catch yourself using these words regularly, it is a good indicator that you should explore why you are using these words greater.

A few of these Swear words are;

and in the right context,

Quick examples are

My parents should have done more for me. (Blame associated story- Anger/Resentment)
I could have done more for kids. (Regret associated story – Self-pity)
I would have asked her number. (Self-worth associated story – Low self-esteem)

If the answer to the question is, “I Don’t Know?” It generally stems from not believing the answer is achievable, sounds stupid, is painful or there is not enough trust/Stalling. Because in all truth, we always know the answers.

These are only examples and cases differ in each person, however, these key words are always the same.

Another way that changing your vocabulary can help is loose fence sitting phrases. “I might” and “I’d like”. Change to more assertive phrases. “I can” and “I will”. This gives you more focus, self-accountability and you will come across as a more confident person.

Have you ever met someone and you ask them how their day is?

“Yea its ok”.

The dreary person speaks back. Then ask them how they are?

“Yea I’m alright”.

What did you think of this person at the end of the conversation? Pretty boring I imagine.

Vocabulary aids in confidence and helps you stand out. If I ask someone how their day is and they answered.

“Fantastic thank you, it is such a lovely day!”

Then asked them how they are and they replied.

“Magnificent, I don’t think I could get any better!”

Who would you rather spend my time conversing with? Exciting human full of life. Or the bland monotone person?

So take some time and do some reflecting on the language you use. You will find just by making some slight adjustments to your language it can make some major change in your life.

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