Problems are perspective based. Just like good times. So a simple shift in mindset/Perspective can change bad mood to a good one. Alter the perspective and alter the out come.

“When we have a problem that thought itself is generally the problem.”

Negative thinking is as much the problem as the problem itself. If you change your perspective on the problem. You alleviate stress that surrounds it and potential mind blocks on its solution.

“You cant solve a problem with the same level of thinking you had when you created it.” – Albert Einstein

Changing your perspective to a view that this issue is part of the process. This isn’t a hurdle or and obstacle. This is a step. This gets me closer to my goal. This allows you a clear mind to attack it as if it was part of your plan all along.

When you take ownership of a problem you then take back 100% control over the situation. Compared to if you where blaming other people. Owning it makes it easier to amend it.

“I don’t have problems. They are just part of the steps to success.”Kyh Taylor

When ever faced with an issue/problem here are a few helpful questions to ask to get the ball rolling on a solution;

1. What am i not bringing to the table that allowed this problem to arise.

2. Am i making it worse in my head than it is in reality.

3. How many ways can i solve this.

4. Will not doing anything today make it worse later on.

5. When will i have this issue fixed by.

Having a plan to attack a problem will give you the best possible outcome.

After initiating your solution then comes the monitoring part. Making sure that the problem is not recurring. Seek feedback from people affected by the change to insure your methods have been successful.

“The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year.” -John Foster Dulles

Happy Problem Solving.

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