Being that festive season I write this to go out to all the ever hopeful people looking for someone to cuddle up with over the festive season.

We all know since the introduction of Tinder and relationship models like Kanye and Kim. The dating world has plunged into darkness. Tinder destroying people’s self-esteem, giving people a negative preconceived idea of opposite sex and leaving people with a long list of people in their inbox that do not talk.

So here are a few simple ideas that will help you engage with the opposite sex whether out on the town or online. Without sounding like a douche.

The first thing I want to mention is that the most successful people that go out and meet others follow these 3 rules.

1. Let go of your outcome
2. Be out there
3. Loose your agenda

Let go of your outcome. If you get too worried about how things are going to turn out, often you screw up what you’re trying to achieve. Pressure means there’s a block in your flow. Let it go.

Be out there. Don’t be afraid to different. When going out, by not being like everyone else you stand out. There will be loads of drones anywhere you go don’t be one of them.

If you go out hungrily looking for someone with an agenda. You are more than likely to find yourself going home alone. Think of the hungry lion stalking a Gazelle. Gazelles are intuitive and sense the lion before it gets close and flees. The same happens in real life.

When initiating conversation don’t approach with the standard boring old lines. This can be used as talk later. You’re not going to capture a person attention if you use the same lines as the last 20 people.

How was your day?
How was your weekend?
Do you like…Stuff?

Create questions that stimulate a response. Make it an interactive experience. Stimulating someone’s brain is a great way to keep them interested in talking to you. Use questions like;

Two truths and a lie. Ready set go.
Dinner with 3 people past or present?
Better discovery: Netflix or avocados?

Also, ask them about things that generate good feeling inside them. The more they feel good the more they will associate over time feeling good around you.

Where is the most beautiful place you have been?
What was the best time period of your life? What do you think will be the best time period of your entire life?
Where is the most relaxing place you have been?

And last but not least be funny. Everyone likes to laugh and have fun. That is part of the reason that we take part in social events in the festive season. Fun and Laughter. ie.

If you see a someone on their phone.
Walk up to them and ask them if they can describe themselves in 3 emojis.

If someone asks what you do for a living say.
“I’m a Tri-lingual astronaut. 2-time Esquire cover model. Part-time super spy. I just got back from touring the Caribbean via yacht, trading government secrets, working on my tan, and now I’m just standing here holding a Mai Tai… shaken, not stirred.”

Good luck out there this festive season. Remember to treat people the way you would like to be treated. There are enough assholes out there. Stand out be a nice person.

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