Nature Can recalibrate your brain.
The hustle and bustle of the city are no strangers to most of us. Living in a fast-paced society. The skyscrapers block out the blue of the sky. The bland grey concrete replacing the vibrant green under our feet. And our next step is almost on the heels of the last man in front.

So when it all gets too much. The tireless work lectures, meetings and running around on someone else’s time. What do you do?

New studies have shown that getting back to nature can help recalibrate your brain. From a stressed out, emotional mess. Back to being centred happy and ready to face the day.

Stanford University graduate student Gregory Bratman did a study showing that a 90-minute walk in nature each week, can reduce stress and the chance of mental illness.

It also helps you to focus. As we take on the over stimulating activity in the city our focus can become blurry as we tire from all the action. By spending time a natural environment takes you away from all the distractions. The cars, the people, the noise. Allowing the mind to be with itself in a soothing environment. Able to hear and process our thoughts in an uninterrupted space.

The physical side of getting out and about in nature also helps. Whether a simple bush walk or a trail hike. These physical feats, aid in releasing the positive endorphins that make us feel better than the frizzled out mess we were back home.

So endeavour to get a little nature in your life. Take the time on the weekend to go out and get back to your roots. Enjoy the pleasant scenery that restores us. And let go of all the overbearing stress that comes with living in the concrete jungle.

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