Are You Giving Yourself Permission To Be Awesome?

I write this as a reminder to myself to be Awesome, as I am on the journey as much as anyone else. Yesterday I had a low day. I get them now and then. I am human. They are becoming … Read More

To Know And Not Do, Is Not To Know. Questions & Actions

If you want to touch on one of the key tools that create change this is one of them. This process used in coaching I like to call, Question and Action. The reason it is question and action is because … Read More

The Art Of Spiritual Practice Is Finding Out What It Is Not.

This is one of my favourite Spiritual quotes and tool I’ve have used in my life to Clear Negativity and un-serving situations from my life. Like anything a view that I agree with.It does not have to be yours but … Read More


The Stigma Behind Coaching

I’d like to respond to some of the common stigmas I find in the coaching world and discuss my view and how we approach things at BRODA. With coaching being a very young system in the support of human development … Read More