How We Are A Reflection of The Stars.

The internal-external experience is my favourite tool in sustaining mindset and staying in an empowered state. The Example of how we correlate with the stars. The first stage is loosing blame. We all like to point the finger at other … Read More

How Saying No To Being A Yes Man Will Make You Happier

Are you a Yes Man/Woman? Do you say yes to everything despite that little voice inside your head that tells you? NO, I really don’t want too. Welcome to the world where ‘No’ gives you more than saying ‘Yes’. The … Read More

Growth, Expansion & The Idea That Starts It All

Growth and expansion are inevitable. It’s is what we do as human beings. Whether you call it progress or evolution we all do it. We all believe it one way or another. Beliefs that we are here to learn lessons … Read More

It Is Art Because I Say It Is. Change Is Up To You!

‘It’s Art because I say it’s art’. A term coined by controversial artist Marcel #Duchamp in the early 1900s. Is part of the recipe behind enforcing change in oneself. As Artist of our own lives, we often paint the picture … Read More

Naming & Witnessing. An Ancient And Powerful Process

For thousands of years, a very simple, yet powerful technique referred to as ‘naming and witnessing’, has existed and aided in the process of shifting disempowering energy. Naming – acknowledgment of the event ‘Naming’ refers to the identification of the … Read More